5 August

“CTEF Tile Tip: Do Not Follow the Manufacturer’s Directions?”

“If this title did not grab your immediate attention, it should have. It’s a dangerous mindset, but ignoring instructions is also one of the first shortcuts people in a hurry take. Many of the products tile installers use on the job require mixing, so it is extremely important to follow the manufacturer’s written instructions. As an example, we will focus on High Performance Cement Grouts as found under ANSI A118.7. These grouts include a redispersible, latex/polymer powder to which only water is added at the job site.

Grout manufacturers conduct extensive research in the development of their products and continuously improve (change) them as new technology becomes available. For this reason alone, it is crucial the instructions on the bag or box are followed to the letter. For instance, an original formula grout that previously required the addition of 2.75 quarts of clean, potable (drinkable) water to a 25 lb. bag may, after being changed or improved by the manufacturer, now only needs two quarts of water to function properly. That is a significant difference!

Similarly, thinking all grout manufacturers require the same amount of water to properly mix the dry powder is a serious error…”


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“CTEF Tile Tip: Do Not Follow the Manufacturer’s Directions?”

Floor Covering Installer

July 13, 2015





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