13 February

“ Decorative Concrete and Toppings: Proper Prep and Installation”

Decorative Concrete Slabs require a more detailed surface preparation.  “Coatings for Industry. Kevin Klotz, president, said his company offers decorative floor coatings including flake, quartz and clear sealers for stains and dyes. “Our recommended preparation procedure for a pre-existing slab would be to clean and degrease the slab through use of detergents, pressure washing and solvent cleaning as necessary, followed by diamond grinding to open the slab in order to accept a product – be it a sealer, stain, dye or other decorative finish.”

When choosing a self-leveling cementitious topping, “we recommend a diamond grind for the same reasons,” he added. “If using a self-leveling epoxy as a base for a decorative flake, quartz or metallic finish, the slab can also be prepared via shot blasting; this can only be used when a high-build coating is being applied.”


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“Decorative Concrete and Toppings: Proper Prep and Installation”


FCI Magazine
January 2014
By: Michael Chmielecki



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