13 October

Historical Home, Brookville, NY

Brookville, NY has a rich history, even back in the 1980’s they “fought hard to preserve the best, to adjust to the future without sacrificing the past” (Rawlinson). Now, in the 21st century, a contractor is working on restoring a 1,000 square-foot historical home.

Since this home is over 200 years old, it had 2 inches of wood substrate that was defective. The workers decided to use KeedeLath™ HC (Honey Comb) with an inch and a half to 2 inches of Self Leveling Dependable Skimflow® LP.

The installation crew used honeycomb because it is easy to work with and they can save time on their project. The renovation crew decided to use Skimflow® LP because it is a high quality and affordable product for their flooring underlayment. The product’s self-leveling characteristics works well with the home and the radiant heating system. Skimflow® LP is also suitable for installation over a wide variety of substrates across the home.

Furthermore, Keedelath™ HC is a self-furring synthetic lath that is easier to install and lighter than metal lath. This product can be applied with self-levelers while being flexible, strong, non-corroding, and lightweight.

Skimflow® LP is designed to address unlevel or old damaged floors in residential, commercial, and institutional environments. Skimflow® LP is compatible and suitable with a wide variety of finished flooring options and heating systems.
With the combination of Dependable’s products: Keedelath™ HC and Skimflow® LP, the floors are properly prepared and ready for the final floor covering installation.


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Rawlinson, John L. History of Upper Brookville 1932-1982. Incorporated Village of Upper Brookville, 1982,