12 June

“Installing Laminate Flooring: Underlayment, the Floor and More”

“Laminate flooring may, quite literally, seem like a snap. With technologically advanced locking systems and no need for adhesives, the product may seem like a no-brainer to install. However, even the simplest installation can go wrong if the subfloor isn’t prepped, the proper underlayment isn’t used and transitions between the laminate and other flooring types are not considered.

Subfloor prep and other considerations. According to John Lio, DriTac marketing manager, floor flatness and subfloor preparation is as crucial to laminate flooring installations as other types of flooring. “The prep work needed to install laminate flooring is extremely important but is often ignored or neglected due to the mistaken belief that proper substrate preparation isn’t required when a floor is floated.”

Lio noted that laminate flooring should only ever be glued down in special situations when recommended by the manufacturer. “Laminate flooring is typically somewhat susceptible to moisture; therefore utilizing adhesives with 100% solids, such as urethane or MS polymer technologies, is the alternative typically recommended in conjunction with manufacturer pre-approval. …”


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“Installing Laminate Flooring: Underlayment, the Floor and More”
FCI Floor Covering Installer
May 14, 2014
By: Michael Chmielecki

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