19 November

“Preparing Slabs: Making Informed Decisions Can Pay Significant Dividends”

“Flooring, by its very nature, is one of the last elements of a construction project to be addressed. As a result, budget dollars and time are often both in short supply when the flooring installation process is about to begin.

This budget and time crunch often leads to ill-informed decisions—and short-term solutions that create long-term problems—regarding the preparation of slabs for a flooring installation. The results of these improperly prepared slabs often include bonding failures between the flooring and the slab, damaged flooring products, voided product warranties, a less-than-great experience for building owners and end users and a black eye for the flooring industry.

Good communication between the general contractor and the flooring installer, who, as a professional, is armed with the facts about the problems incurred when preparing slabs and how to address them, can go a long way to avoiding costly problems—immediate and long-term. In addition, some distributors have experts on staff who can add value to the conversation because they are well versed in how best to address these problems and have an in-depth understanding of the range of products on the market that can most efficiently and effectively prepare a slab for a flooring installation.

The five most common problems with slabs are the presence of asbestos, the presence of old adhesives, high moisture content, curing compounds and moisture mitigation products originally mixed with the concrete and bad slabs. Here is a snapshot of each problem and things to consider when addressing them…”

Read about the five most common problems in slabs, link below:



“Preparing Slabs: Making Informed Decisions Can Pay Significant Dividends”

By: John Hoover
Floor Trends Magazine
August 2014


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