17 February

Project Profile on Apartment, Denver CO

GSL K2.6 Apartment Denver CO August 2015 04

This private apartment located in Denver, CO was in need of a new floor. Trained flooring contractors installed the durable, high strength GSL® K2.6, a gypsum self leveling underlayment to the subfloor.

In a single pour, applications from 0.375” up to 3” depth can be achieved.

The medium flow GSL®  with self-leveling consistency remains placable for nearly 30 minutes, yet will withstand foot traffic at any depth in about 90 minutes.

This product offers high density, yet has less finished weight and more flexibility than Portland cement self-levelers. Unlike Portland cement, gypsum does not shrink and requires no hand finishing tools other than a darby that establishes thickness and uniformity.

Typically installed with a specialty mixing machine capable of placing 20,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet per day, GSL® K2.6 is specially formulated to add mass to a floor ceiling assembly and help control airborne noise.

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