17 November

Project Profile on Retail Store, Pittsburgh, PA

Skimflow TT ImageOne of the most popular things to do in¬†Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is to shop, so when a brand new shopping store was in the the works,¬†it was important to make sure everything was done perfectly.¬† One aspect that needed to be perfected was flat and leveled floors.¬† After doing some research on self levelers, a decision was made to use Dependable‚Äôs SKIMFLOW¬ģ TT.

SKIMFLOW¬ģ TT (Traffic Topping) is a¬†cementitious, self-leveling wear resistant topping designed for interior structural floors.¬†SKIMFLOW¬ģ TT is a blend of hydraulic cements and is rated as a traffic grade topping.¬† One of its best features is that it can accept foot traffic in as little as 4 hours for rapid turn around and can be polished in as little as 36 hours. This was key¬† when making sure the project was done on time.

Required prior to the installation of SKIMFLOW¬ģ TT is another Dependable product known as PRIMER SL™. PRIMER SL™ is a re-emulsifiable latex based primer compatible with the latex in Dependable‚Äôs self leveling underlayments and toppings used to prepare interior floors.¬† The product must sit for 2-24 hours to dry and become tacky before SKIMFLOW¬ģ TT can be poured over top of the product for maximum bond.

With the combination of Dependable‚Äôs Primer SL™, and Skimflow¬ģ TT¬†products the floors are¬†properly prepared and ready for the final floor covering installation.

Profile Retail Store Skimflow TT

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