26 April

Project Profile Using GSL K2.6

A new 2 story condominium complex was being designed in Plainfield, Indiana. One important aspect that any home needs is a well-designed floor ceiling assembly. To achieve this, Dependable, LLC’s  GSL® K2.6 was used for the floor underlayment.

GSL K2.6 gypsum cement is an underlayment designed to provide code compliance in wood and concrete UL fire rated assemblies. It is listed on numerous UL designs and has been shown in laboratory testing to provide compliance with IBC standards in impact noise (IIC, ASTM E492) and airborne noise (STC, ASTM E90).

Pumpable, GSL delivers high strength, good water resistance, and outstanding performance when placed after drywall in typical multi-family projects. GSL allows for light foot traffic shortly after placement.

Applications from 0.375” up to 3” depth can be achieved in a single pour. GSL remains placable for nearly 30 minutes, yet will withstand light foot traffic at any depth in about 90 minutes. This product offers high density, yet has less finished weight and more flexibility than portland cement self-levelers.

Unlike portland cement, gypsum does not shrink and requires no hand finishing tools other than a darby that establishes thickness and uniformity. Typically installed with a specialty mixing machine capable of placing 20,000 to 30,000 square feet per day. GSL K2.6 is specially formulated to add mass to a floor ceiling assembly and help control airborne noise.

By incorporating this product into the floor ceiling assembly, the developer was able to accomplish a flat, smooth underlayment for each individual condominium, which in turn will be sure to keep the residents happy!

GSL K2.6  GSL K2.6  GSL K2.6

Project Profile (PDF file)

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