29 August

Project Profile Using Skimflow® NP

When designing luxury homes and condominiums, everything that goes into the home is expected to be “the best of the best.” So when a new luxury condominium was going up along the Potomac River in Washington, DC, every facet needed to be carefully considered.

Having flat surfaces for luxury flooring throughout the condominium is a crucial feature. Which is why the correct product needed to be used to get the job done. SKIMFLOW NP (No Prep) was utilized over an epoxy moisture vapor barrier system, which left the floors flat and smooth when the project was completed.

SKIMFLOW NP is a hybrid cement self-leveling underlayment designed for time-sensitive projects, where compromised substrates make shrinkage undesirable. SKIMFLOW NP offers no-shrink, no-profile, technology for fast-track jobs, without sacrificing performance.

SKIMFLOW NP also offers flowability, excellent heal, and a robust character, granting the installer peace of mind while providing a smooth, flat surface for a demanding finished floor.

Now that the project is complete, the future residents can rest assured knowing their floors really are “the best of the best.”

Skimflow NP        Skimflow NPSkimflow NP

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