29 May

“Reducing the Moisture Content in Poured Concrete Slabs”

“…As environmental and workplace-safety regulations have limited the use of solvents in recent years, adhesives manufacturers have introduced water-based formulas with greatly reduced VOC emissions. For all their upsides, these adhesive formulas are less tolerant of moisture, making excessive moisture in concrete slabs a significant concern with certain types of flooring. When testing reveals that the slab might not be dry enough in time for flooring installation, installers have several options for overcoming excessive moisture in new construction.
When the project is in an enclosed space with at least a month before the flooring has to go down, the team might consider hiring a professional company to speed up the drying with desiccant dehumidifiers. However, without proper drainage and an effective vapor retarder beneath the slab, it will be difficult to dry the slab by any means. In that case, or if time is short, the best solution may be to slow the release of water with a specialty sealer…”

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“Reducing the Moisture Content in Poured Concrete Slabs”

Durability and Design
May 2014
By: Don Schnell


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