21 August

“Reflecting on FCI and the Industry”

“I began installing in 1976. I started in carpet, then when the economy slowed in the ‘80s, I decided to expand into other flooring categories. I went to as many training seminars as I could, and on-the-job training for tile, hardwood, and resilient vinyl. I remember when Floor Covering Installer first came out and thought, what a great trade publication for installers, with articles written by those who had installation experience. Looking back at those years now as FCI gets ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary, I was asked to share some of the significant changes that I’ve seen in the industry…”

The flooring industry has had significant changes the past 20 years. Read about the changes Jon Namba has seen develop in his career. Click the link below.





By: Jon Namba
Floor Covering Installer
August 13, 2013




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