29 August

“Resilient Flooring Adhesives: Working with the Right Product”

“With the popularity of LVT still high, resilient flooring shows no signs of slowing down. More customers looking to have resilient installed in both residential and commercial settings have brought new advances to the segment as manufacturers look to create products for every type of resilient floor, and for every type of setting. Question is, what types of products should contractors and installers choose?”

“…Johnson is seeing several technological advances in the resilient adhesives category, including “water-based adhesives with higher moisture resistance that can be used in fast-track installations, factory-applied tape systems, fast-setting two-component epoxy systems and hybrid polymer moisture-cure adhesives.”

In commercial settings, he is also starting to see moisture mitigation being completed before the floor is even laid down. “This means an epoxy moisture barrier is installed first (even if there was no moisture problem evident) and then a self-leveling underlayment is applied. True, it is an added upfront cost for the contractor but the risk of expensive tear-out and downtime for the location oftentimes outweigh the initial expense…”


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 “Resilient Flooring Adhesives: Working with the Right Product


Floor Covering Installer
August 12, 2013

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