7 August

“Self-Leveling Underlyment’s Evolving with New Technology”

“…Of course, no underlayment will function correctly if the substrate isn’t properly prepped first. USG recommends shot-blasting or otherwise mechanically profiling the surface before the pour. “Self-leveling underlayments are not a cure-all. These products won’t stop or eliminate active cracks or other problems. The product you put on top of the substrate will only perform as well as how you prepared that substrate…”

Joe Hostler, Dependable LLC, director of sales, said many people think that gypsum-based products are susceptible to mold. “Our products have mildewcides in them and do not mold. The old prohibitions are based on products from 30 years ago; the industry has moved on quite successfully with millions of feet installed.”

“…Schonox recently unveiled two new synthetic gypsum self-leveling products: AP and APF. After the surface is primed, AP is designed to be poured over any existing substrate without the need for shot-blasting or scarifying, according to Enos Farnsworth, HPS Schonox president. The company’s APF underlayment contains a reinforced fiber that can go over critical substrates including rubber, he added…”


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“Self-Leveling Underlayments Evolving with New Technology”

By: Michael Chmielecki

Floor Covering Installer

July 23, 2013


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