18 February

“The six truths about concrete moisture that no one should ignore”

“How often do you work on a tile project where concrete has been poured? Durability, strength and visual appeal make concrete floors a popular choice. Unfortunately, that popularity comes with billions of dollars inmoisture-related damage every year. Why? Because there are some simple truths about moisture in concrete that many people ignore.

If you don’t have a solid understanding about concrete moisture and how concrete dries, it’s hard to make the right call about when it’s appropriate to proceed with your flooring project. The consequences could be serious, leading to ugly and dangerous tile flooring failures. This is particularly true for tile projects when using the thin-set method of installation and/or working with impermeable materials, such as resin agglomerate tiles, large-format porcelain tiles, epoxy adhesives and various specialty products that are sensitive to moisture.

The most critical piece of information you need for making your decision to proceed is the moisture condition in the concrete. Proper moisture testing of the concrete is the only way to know if the concrete slab is dry enough to put down the flooring. For proper testing, here are the six simple truths you must know:”


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“The six truths about concrete moisture that no one should ignore”

By: Jason Spangler
Tile Magazine
January 7, 2015

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