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Newest Skim Coat and Patch

Dependable Floor Prep is pleased to offer PrepPro Feather, an exciting new skim coat and patch product. PrepPro Feather is a latex modified, fine textured, trowel applied, rapid drying cementitious underlayment for interior use.   It provides a smooth, durable surface for the installation of a variety of floor finishes such as vinyl, carpet, engineered wood…

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Dependable’s Pronto Ultra

Dependable’s PRONTO ULTRA™ is a gypsum based patch and a great floor preparation product. PRONTO ULTRA™ is a fast setting/ fast drying latex modified gypsum based floor underlayment patch. It is used to patch or fill interior wood, above, below or on grade concrete substrates. PRONTO ULTRA™ offers compressive strength of 3,000 psi., is moisture resistant and mold/mildew resistant.  …

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