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“Moisture Meters and Testing: ‘Why Do I Have To Take Readings and What Do They Mean?’”

“…Moisture meter readings are also needed for concrete subfloors prior to installation of most hard surface flooring and some vinyl-backed carpet. There are also various moisture meters available that can be used to test the moisture content of concrete subfloors. For concrete, ASTM F2170 Measuring Relative Humidity Testing in Concrete Floor Slabs (RH Testing) is…

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“Reducing the Moisture Content in Poured Concrete Slabs”

“…As environmental and workplace-safety regulations have limited the use of solvents in recent years, adhesives manufacturers have introduced water-based formulas with greatly reduced VOC emissions. For all their upsides, these adhesive formulas are less tolerant of moisture, making excessive moisture in concrete slabs a significant concern with certain types of flooring. When testing reveals that…

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“Light Commercial Hardwood: Savvy Pointers to Avoid Costly Callbacks”

“Paramount to a successful commercial hardwood flooring installation is in knowing how to avoid certain pitfalls normally associated with commercial installations that don’t come into play as often in residential applications. There are quite a few of them, but I have selected five that could cause serious headaches and costly callbacks if not properly addressed.…

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