ARTICLE: Sound Control Round Table: Adhesives vs. Underlayments


“Sound control, whether achieved through an adhesive or an underlayment, is an essential component of a hard surface flooring installation. In commercial projects, sound control will help meet building code requirements. In residential homes, a noisy hardwood or resilient could result in an angry callback.” FCI convened a panel of industry experts to discuss adhesives vs. underlayments…

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Keene’s Quiet Qurl®

What is Keene Building Products Quiet Qurl and how does it fall in with Dependable’s products? Keene’s Quiet Qurl® is a noise control product designed for use with gypsum. Dependable’s gypsum products and Quiet Qurl® together provide a one source sound and floor system for multi-family construction. How does Quiet Qurl® work? These products work…

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