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“Will the genuine crack isolation membranes please step forward”

“The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) in its “Membrane Selection Guide” provides the following definition. “Crack Isolation membranes (ANSI A118.12) for thin-bed ceramic, glass and stone installations act to isolate the tile from minor in-plane substrate cracking. Membranes covered by this definition are bonded to a variety of manufacturer-approved substrates covered by ANSI specifications.…

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“Things to Do So Your Installation Does Not Fail!”

“Tile contractors and installers are in business to perform a service and make money. The service is tile installation. The profit is to sustain the business and pay employees, distributors, and state and federal taxes. Job failures cost money, hurt your company’s image, and take time away from performing other work…” “… Our industy standards…

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“The Skinny on Thin Tiles”

“One of the hottest trends seen at the Cersaie show in Italy and Cevisama in Spain is the emergence of thin tiles. These thin tiles start at thicknesses of about 2.5 mm for walls up to about 6 mm thick for floors. Manufacturers tout a range of advantages, including installation over existing floor or wall…

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