30 July

“Will the genuine crack isolation membranes please step forward”

“The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) in its “Membrane Selection Guide” provides the following definition. “Crack Isolation membranes (ANSI A118.12) for thin-bed ceramic, glass and stone installations act to isolate the tile from minor in-plane substrate cracking. Membranes covered by this definition are bonded to a variety of manufacturer-approved substrates covered by ANSI specifications. In some cases, the trowel-applied products can be used as the adhesive for the tile. Other products within the scope of this category are allowed to cure or are applied as sheet goods and are then used as the substrate for the tile. Membranes may be sensitive to naturally occurring moisture and alkalinity when used over cement and gypsum-based substrates. Consult manufacturer for acceptable limits of moisture and alkalinity.

Now that we have defined what a crack isolation membrane is, we need to figure out what it is not…”


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“Will the genuine crack isolation membranes please step forward?”
Tile Magazine
By: Scott Carothers
November 1, 2013

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