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“ Decorative Concrete and Toppings: Proper Prep and Installation”

Decorative Concrete Slabs require a more detailed surface preparation.  “Coatings for Industry. Kevin Klotz, president, said his company offers decorative floor coatings including flake, quartz and clear sealers for stains and dyes. “Our recommended preparation procedure for a pre-existing slab would be to clean and degrease the slab through use of detergents, pressure washing and…

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WEARFLOW®- High Strength Wear Resistant Self-Leveler

Dependable’s WEARFLOW® is an ideal product for restoring degraded industrial or commercial concrete floor surfaces. WEARFLOW® is a cement based self-leveler with a wear resistant topping WEARFLOW®is high strength and sets quickly. It allows high traffic areas to be open as quick as 24 hours. WEARFLOW® is available in 50 lb. double wall bags and may…

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