30 September

“Vapor Barriers: Nuisance or Necessity?”

In recent weeks we here at Dependable had Peter Craig, a renowned concrete floor specialist come in and educate the team on moisture mitigation. We hear a lot about the issue and what a serious costly concern it is in the industry. Over the next few months we will be sharing articles from Peter Craig himself on the topic in hopes of better educating the industry.

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“The subject of vapor barriers or retarders beneath concrete slabs on grade has long been controversial. Some justifiably argue that slabs placed in direct contact with a vapor barrier or retarder are more susceptible to curling and other slab problems than those cast on a granular base. They consider a vapor barrier or retarder a downright nuisance.

Others have experienced or witnessed the devastating effect of moisture on modern floor coverings, adhesives, coatings, and a building’s environment. They will justifiably argue that a vapor barrier or retarder beneath the slab can be an absolute necessity.

Not surprisingly, reaching consensus on this subject has been difficult. Both sides raise genuine arguments that simply cannot be dismissed. There is, however, a single answer to the title question and it is yes, a vapor barrier can be both a nuisance and a necessity…”


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“Vapor Barriers: Nuisance or Necessity?”

By: Peter Craig



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