13 October

“Leveling the Rivet” | Multi-Use Complex, Indianapolis, IN

A rivet is typically thought of as a metal pin holding together pieces of metal. However, for a development firm in Indianapolis, IN, the “Rivet” is a 1,113 sq. ft. space that includes two beds and two baths.

This is just one of the many housing options that will be available at this unique Indianapolis complex. In fact, all of the options have been named using manufacturing jargon as a tribute to the deep history that resides within the walls of the building itself. Originally, it was used as a manufacturing plant for the Ford Model T.


As a plant for the Ford Motor Company, the process for manufacturing the Model T was split between each of the building’s four stories. They started the manufacturing process on the 4th floor, continuing down each floor until the ground level, where the fully assembled cars would be sent out for transport. On average, the plant was able to produce 50-60 cars per day.


After purchasing the building, the development company decided to convert it into a mixed-use complex. They quickly began renovations, planning to convert the second, third, & fourth floors into one, two, & three-bedroom apartments. While a portion of the ground floor will be used as headquarters for the developer, the rest of the space will be open for future retail businesses.


Not long after work began, concerns arose with sub-straight level & flatness—The main issue they were having involved severe cracks in the corridors and the unit floors. Wasting no time, the contractors reached out to a Dependable Floor Prep expert, who recommended Primer A™ (primer) and Skimflow® NP (SLU) as solutions for creating the level surface needed to finish the final flooring.


PRIMER A™ is a breakthrough acrylic copolymer primer technology with alkali resistance to pH 14 while providing a superior bond to substrates when used with Dependable self-leveling underlayments (SLUs).

Primer A™ is suitable for a wide variety of porous and non-porous substrates making it the only required primer in typical SLU installations. Designed with installers in mind, Primer A™ offers maximum versatility, ZERO VOCs, fast-drying, tremendous coverage, and easy handling.


SKIMFLOW® NP (No Problem) is a hybrid cement self-leveling underlayment designed for time-sensitive projects, where compromised substrates make shrinkage undesirable. SKIMFLOW® NP offers no-shrink, no-profile, technology to fast-track jobs, without sacrificing performance.



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