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Project Profile – “Skim in the Gym”

For many, a high school gym is a place where memories are made: a buzzer beater to win the state title, a first kiss at prom, etc. Years later, it can be hard to let go of the nostalgia… However, nostalgia comes second to the safety of those who utilize the gym on a regular…

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Newest Skim Coat and Patch

Dependable Floor Prep is pleased to offer PrepPro Feather, an exciting new skim coat and patch product. PrepPro Feather is a latex modified, fine textured, trowel applied, rapid drying cementitious underlayment for interior use.   It provides a smooth, durable surface for the installation of a variety of floor finishes such as vinyl, carpet, engineered wood…

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“Preparing Slabs: Making Informed Decisions Can Pay Significant Dividends”

“Flooring, by its very nature, is one of the last elements of a construction project to be addressed. As a result, budget dollars and time are often both in short supply when the flooring installation process is about to begin. This budget and time crunch often leads to ill-informed decisions—and short-term solutions that create long-term…

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